What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a mark used by a manufacturer, dealer or service provider in respect of goods or services in order to differentiate them from goods and services offered by other parties which are of the same or a similar type.


For filing an application

Particulars of the applicant(s): full name, address, and nationality.

Information of Trademark and Goods/Services details.

A certified copy of the priority application if priority is to be claimed.

No Power of Attorney is needed.

For filing an Renewal

Trademark Registration No.

No Power of Attorney is needed.

For response to Office Action

Power of Attorney signed by the applicant(s), which may be filed later.

A copy of notification of reasons for refusal from Japan Patent Office (JPO).


In order to obtain a trademark right, an applicant(s) must fill out the forms and submit them to the Japan Patent Office.

Substantial Examination

Substantial examination of a trademark application is taken.

Decision of Registration or Refusal

If the examiner finds no grounds for rejection in a patent application, and a Decision for registration is issued.